Quality Policy

Oliver Bernard Ltd are committed to providing temporary and permanent high-quality candidates to all its clients, while also delivering the highest level of customer service.

To ensure we can meet these requirements we set ourselves goals and have strict internal procedures surrounding candidate and client information.

We utilise a clearly structured and comprehensive CRM system to manage our relationships with all candidates.

We commit to offering equal opportunities to all candidates and ensure the highest standards of data protection are upheld. Our processes are transparent and open to audit. We operate a robust Vetting and Compliance Policy to cover candidates’ eligibility to work in the UK, references, qualifications and membership of relevant professional bodies.

Oliver Bernard treat all candidates and clients with the same respect and integrity, making it easier to deliver the promise of a stream line process when matching candidate to client and visa versa.

Adherence to this policy involves every aspect of company activity and of all its employees. On-going training and education will be pursued to ensure they are fully conversant with Company objectives and how they are achieved.

We are committed to continuous improvement and review our policies and procedures on a regular basis’s.