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Sharing within the tech community has been something we have valued since the conception of Oliver Bernard.

Our meetup events are designed to provide a meeting place for tech professionals who are hungry to learn and network with their peers. For our client partners, this is an opportunity to take the stage and share with a new audience.

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The benefits


An opportunity for you to take the stage and share your ideas, thoughts, and names in the exact manner you want to present them.


Give your staff something to smile about. Responsible companies like yours know how important it is to get staff involved and this is an opportunity to share what they know with the community.


Tell a whole new audience about your work experiences, stories of strategy, and any methodologies, processes, solutions or best practices.


We’ve been assisting with events since 2010 and have found it beneficial in providing both remote and in-person access to potential recruits in relaxed tech-focussed environments.


Candidates are getting more and more discerning about the companies they consider for their future career goals and hosting is the opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest.


We give you the freedom to choose your own broadcast style and agenda, allowing you to personalise the event to your liking.

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Other advantages

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Your logo on all promotional materials (announcement, emails, newsletters etc.)

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Your logo and link to be included on our websites and social media channels

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Featured article or video creation for shared content hosting and distribution

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An opportunity to reach potential consumers within your target audience

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