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Modern Website Delivery with Next.js & Chakra UI @ Beauty Pie

Responsive, progressive, adaptive, native, single page, server side, client side and static rendering are just a handful of options available when you're building a digital storefront for an e-commerce business like Beauty Pie. On top of this comes many more wider considerations, like first contentful paint, organic search and security. Given the overwhelming choice, many of these technologies are often misunderstood and misused leading to frustrating customers who go elsewhere. This session explains the different website technologies, and how Beauty Pie made these choices whilst building our next generation e-commerce experience.

1 hour 3 minutes
Remote Agile London "Super 6" – 7th January 2021

After two fantastic first events, we are really pleased to bring you our next 'Agile London Super 6'! This event will have our 6 speakers talk about 'Innovation'. Speaking at this event are: Amy Thompson, Christopher Bramley, Lizzie Morris, Colin Deady, Gwenno Haf Hughes & Shane Hastie

1 hour 7 minutes
Remote Agile London – An interview with Arif Harbott and Cuan Mulligan

A slightly different format this week, I will be interviewing Arif Harbott and Cuan Mulligan, Authors of 'The HERO Transformation Playbook'. They have developed the definitive transformation playbook for any CEO, CIO, or transformation leader who is ready to confront the hard truths of what it really takes to change an organisation for the better. The HERO Transformation Playbook is designed as an effective and practical desk-guide for those leading transformations and in this session, I will be speaking to them about how they met, their motivations for writing this book, agile transformations and much more!

47 minutes
QA Teams During & Post-Covid – A BCS / QA in London Event

What effect COVID-19 has had for teams involved in software testing during the lockdown and what it means for us & the market going forward. As software testers, we have had to navigate through unprecedented times. Covid-19 has not only affected individuals and families but has caused huge uncertainty within the economy. Companies are now facing decisions on how projects goals can still be achieved. Maintaining and increasing quality is now front and centre. We are also in a unique time as people seize opportunities to change ways of working. Join us for a BCS SIGiST/QA in London event as we discuss what effect this has had for teams involved in software testing during lockdown and what it means for us and the market going forward.

1 hour 25 minutes
Remote Agile London – Wednesday 27th May

Talk 1: Sujit Unni (CTO at Paysafe Group) - "Moving more traditional models to Agile ways of working" Talk 2: Jana Lace (Agile Transformation Coach) - "Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks" Talk 3: Geoff Watts (Scrum & Leadership Coach) - "Why great teams are more

1 hour 30 minutes
Mobile London with Giorgos Ampavis – Progressing your mobile career

Mobile London with Giorgos Ampavis (VP of Engineering (London Technology Centre), Global Director of Client Engineering @Tide) Giorgos has a number of years experience working with iOS and has progressed through the mobile ranks and is now a VP of Engineering at Tide. We discuss how he progressed his career and what he personally looks for now when interviewing up and coming mobile developers.

23 minutes
Mobile London with Neil Japhtha (iOS Developer @ And Digital)

Neil is a self taught iOS Developer who has worked on various different projects over the past 5 years and is now working at with AND Digital. We discussed certain challenges that he had to overcome and how he has got to this point in his career.

26 minutes
JavaScript in London: Interview with Ricardo Mallols, Founder @ Kodiri

We catch up with a friend of OB, Ricardo Mallols and talk to him about his start-up Kodiri – a coding platform helping people to break into the tech market.

21 minutes
Mobile London With Eric Decanini: Learning Android From A Young Age

Mobile London with Eric Decanini (Android Developer @ END.) Eric is a self taught developer with around 1 year of commercial experience developing Android apps. Eric has been developing from a very you age receiving awards for his applications during his time at secondary school, he is now 19 and has shared with us how he achieved his first commercial role in London.

15 minutes
Event Sourcing In NodeJS at Small Scale With Will Britton, CTO @ Tempo

At Tempo we made the decision fairly early on in development to take an event sourcing approach to developing our application. Although event sourcing is quite a hot topic in the industry at the moment, it's often associated with enterprise-scale solutions. This presentation is about the ways in which we think event sourcing can be used as a pattern on even the smallest of web applications, and how it has helped us to grow and innovate.

1 hour 2 minutes