UX London - Tesco - The Future of UX

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UX London - Tesco - The Future of UX

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85 Clerkenwell Road · London


I am delighted to announce an upcoming UX London Meet-up in partnership with Tesco to discuss the "The Future of UX". This will be hosted by Tesco on Thursday 16th November at 5:30pm.

“Future of UX - Whether on a global scale or within your organisation, how will UX change people's lives in the future? How can we play a part in shaping that next level experience? What are the barriers and how might we overcome them?”


Mauro D'Alessandro

Service Design Lead, Tesco

4 Memos for the new Designer. A mental model to surf the future

Venessa Bennett

Head of UX, ex-Cazoo

Stop thinking about screens and start thinking experiences

Vincenzo Zuccarello

Head of Research & Design, Skyral

UX Research at all cost

We always expect high demand for our events, so if interested, please signup ASAP via the Meetup page. For all other queries please email events@oliverbernard.com.

Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 16th November at 17:30.

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