Agile London with UnderwriteMe

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Agile London with UnderwriteMe

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Tower Bridge House, St Katharine's Way, London, E1W 1AN


Very happy to announce our next Agile London event, this time hosted by UnderwriteMe, on Tuesday 21st May from 5.30pm! (Pizza and refreshments provided!)

This time round we will be hearing from Ben Maynard (Founder of Sheev) and Jon Spruce (Certified Scrum Trainer and Coach) across the evening!

Talk 1: Ben Maynard with "From Blurry to Brilliant: How Simplifying Your Product Vision & Organisation Can Lead To Radical Results"

Synopsis - Ever feel like your product vision needs a pair of glasses? Join Ben for a lively session where we'll turn the blurry mess of traditional Product Visions into something clear, actionable and focused. Think of it as laser eye surgery for your product strategy!

Hold up, though, it's not just a case of re-writing a canvas. To fundamentally fix the problem we will need to dive into the murky waters of organisational complexity and dredge up the common culprits that lead to cloudy product visions and bog down brilliance. With real-world tales and a dash of humour, Ben will explore how too many cooks in the kitchen (or stakeholders in the spreadsheet) can spoil both broth and bandwidth.

Armed with Radical Product Thinking, Systems Thinking and OKR superpowers, you’ll learn to trim the fat and tighten the focus, making your product vision sharp enough to cut through even the thickest red tape.

Expect practical tools, snappy strategies, and a few "Aha!" moments as we showcase how companies just like yours have gone from chaotic to charismatic. Wrap up the session with a Q&A to grill. So, dust off your binoculars and prepare to zoom in on a product vision that’s not just good, but brilliant!

Talk 2: Jon Spruce with "Unlock Your LinkedIn Vault: Surviving from the Fallout in the Job Market Wasteland"

Synopsis - Imagine your LinkedIn profile as a Vault, a relic of your professional life, isolated from the evolving world.

Like a Vault Dweller stepping into a harsh, post-apocalyptic wasteland, professionals with outdated profiles face a stark, unforgiving job market.

Without a structured profile, dynamic networking, and active engagement, you're virtually invisible — just another ghost in the digital wasteland.

Join Jon Spruce in this transformative session to overhaul your LinkedIn presence. We'll explore how to update your photos, headlines, and header banner to reflect the current, authentic you, turning your profile from passive to powerful.

Learn to craft your story compellingly - others will write it for you if you don't tell it. This workshop will equip you to network and position yourself strategically, attracting recruiters and opportunities like Settlers to an oasis.

By the end of this workshop, you'll emerge from the shadows of your outdated LinkedIn vault, ready to survive in the new world of job search.

Looking forward to this one, see you there!

We always expect high demand for our events, so if interested, please signup ASAP via the Meetup page. For all other queries please email

Look forward to seeing some of you there on Tuesday 21st May at 17:30.

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