Driving CAIS Expansion Through the Development of a London Team

A Collaborative Sucess Story for CAIS and Oliver Bernard

Driving CAIS Expansion Through the Development of a London Team


CAIS group, headquartered in New York was founded in 2009 and is renowned for its innovative approach to alternative investing.


CAIS' intense growth had been primarily supported by internal support. As the goals expanded, CAIS was ready to look beyond internal referral networks and traditional recruiting methods.

An enthusiastic referral of Oliver Bernard from an existing member of the CAIS development team prompted the firm to consider external collaboration.


Our collaboration began with a comprehensive qualification call involving CAIS's technology team. Presenting profiles of pre-screened candidates as part of this call we were able to quickly fine-tune the job specification and technology requirements. They were looking for individuals with specific Java and Kotlin expertise with a fintech background, which was a small talent pool of only 40 to 50 individuals in London.

CAIS offered a greenfield project which was attractive in this market, so we used this to help take their brand to market and position the role to our active contractor network. Forged by our 5+ years’ experience working in this area, we then reached out to our passive network via LinkedIn and our JVM UK group, a socially-driven tech meetup, to build a strong shortlist that wouldn’t be available anywhere else.


Within six months, we successfully onboarded 18 Java Kotlin engineers, many of whom transitioned to permanent managerial positions. This recruitment success was underpinned by a strong cultural and skills fit.

Building on this achievement, our collaboration extended to securing 5 Frontend and DevOps engineers, cementing the partnership's value.


The CAIS-Oliver Bernard collaboration exemplifies the impact of strategic partnership. By defying traditional recruitment constraints, we addressed CAIS's growth challenge with a tailored approach. Streamlined processes, effective candidate sourcing, and a deep understanding of CAIS's goals converged to deliver exceptional results.

The partnership's longevity underscores our continued commitment to supporting CAIS's evolving talent needs. This case study underscores how mutual dedication to excellence can drive outcomes in fintech and alternative investing.