The Future of Work

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The Future of Work

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Duck & Waffle, EC2N 4AY


We’ll explore the effect the pandemic has had on the workforce, has it catapulted us further towards what some call the fourth revolution as work and life once again become intertwined? A change from the industrial revolution that set us on a path of hierarchical structures where working in an office was the norm with structured hours (think Dolly Parton’s 9-5).

The adoption of remote working and the use of technology to enable this has surpassed where, were the pandemic not to have happened we would be in 2021. Or are we working with the same social constructs that existed throughout the industrial revolution? The only difference that our days revolve around video calls.


Charlotte Forsyth

Chief People Officer at WorldRemit

Laura Pettitt

Plus our own Head of Talent

Guest Speaker, Celine Floyd

Director of Leadership Assessments at Capfinity