QA in London

Continuous Testing in 60 minutes

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QA in London

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Marcel Veselka (

Marcel Veselka has spent his career in software testing and currently he is working as a Principal SW Testing Consultant at Tesena. Previously, he worked as a Test Analyst and finally moved to Test Management in complex transformation projects and core banking implementations covering mainly integration testing and performance testing. He is also former vice-president of the CaSTB (regional ISTQB board) and co-founder of testing community called [pro]Test!. In 2013 he found company Tesena, now with more than 120 colleagues from Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Brno is helping their customers across Europe to win in their business via improving software quality of their products. His special interest is modern testing approaches (including all the trendy topics like test automation, DevOps, testing in SCRUM, AI and machine learning).

Continuous Testing in 60 minutes

No theory, no slides, just code and demo.

I’ll show you how to set up you initial continuous testing pipeline in 60 minutes. It will cover static testing, UI and API testing… and maybe even more ;) … and all just using free tools.

We always expect high demand for our events, so if interested, please signup ASAP via the Meetup page. For all other queries please email

Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 13th August at 18:00.

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