QA in London

Testing job specs like app specs, with Alan Giles

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QA in London

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QA in London

Give a seasoned tester a spec for a meaty new feature and they will sharply and confidently devise a mental test plan from analysis or presumption of acceptance criteria, present it, execute it, and provide the results. However, give them a job spec, and in my years of experience as an interviewer and interviewee, things are very different.

The aim of this talk is to convince you that they are not at all different, and in fact it is precisely seasoned software testing skills that are directly reusable to help find or be the right candidate for the right job. Imagine interviewees using exploratory methods, or interviewers running regression tests..


Alan Giles (QA Lead)

In the software industry for 15 years, first in Support but then finding a more suitable home in QA/Test/WhateverItsCalled for the past 10, hands on and strategic. Currently QA Lead at Zesty, a digital health company based near London Bridge offering a suite of patient facing digital tools to healthcare providers, including the NHS. Of particular interest: industry trends, writing articles, mentoring, hiring practices.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 16th July at 12:00.

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