.NET in London

Blazor beyond File -> New Project: real world challenges and how to solve them

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.NET in London

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.NET in London

How to build a clean Flutter app.

Blazor is here and promises to revolutionise the way we build Web Applications with the Microsoft Stack: for the first time, we can use C# and the Razor syntax to implement components that run natively in the browser sandbox, thanks to the Web Assembly standard.

However, as soon as we start building our first real application, we are prompted with some interesting challenges: how do we organize the UI code? can we really forget about the JavaScript world? how much logic can we share with the server side? How do we manage the state across multiple components?

This talk will answer all these questions and more, showing some practical tips you can re-use straight away in your new Blazor project.

This event will take place on Zoom with the usual format of a presentation followed by Q&A.


Marco De Sanctis - DevTech MVP

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Wednesday 13th May at 12:30.

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