Mobile London at Octopus Energy

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Mobile London at Octopus Energy

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Octopus Energy Office ,London

Mobile London with Octopus Energy

Thank you to Octopus Energy for hosting a great full-packed event in their Oxford Street office.


Alex Brown (Head of Mobile @ Octopus Energy) & and Richard Leggett (Mobile Platform Lead @ Octopus Energy)

KMM - 2 years on at Kraken Tech

An introduction to how Octopus use KMM and Kraken Technologies - lessons learned, problems solved and why they decided to adopt KMM for production codebase while the tech was still in alpha, how it shaped their product and how they adapted their processes.

Russell Warwick (Senior iOS Engineer @ Lloyds Banking Group)

Leveraging UIKit in a SwiftUI world

How to use UIKit in legacy apps while taking advantage of the technology that drives SwiftUI.

Teresa Wu (VP of Software Engineering @ J.P. Morgan)

Micro Frontends: CI/CD pipeline design & automation

How and why should we build a micro frontends project with a detailed walk-through of micro frontends design process, including architecture, release process and automation.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Wednesday 7th June at 18:15.

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