JVM in London

with Marty Pitt - CTO/Founder at Vyne.co

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JVM in London

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Building an Autonomous Data Layer using Spring Boot, Taxi and Vyne

In the talk, Marty Pitt - founder at Vyne (https://vyne.co) - will demonstrate using Spring Boot and Taxi (an open-source semantic schema language - https://taxilang.org) to build self-describing data services (Kafka topics, Databases, and REST APIs), and then how to create an autonomous data layer which orchestrates and adapts on-the-fly using Vyne.

We'll look at how to push breaking changes to data sources, and how to use Vyne to self-repair integrations automatically, without affecting data consumers.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Tuesday 22nd March at 18:00.

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