JavaScript in London with Nutmeg

Exploring Frontend Engineering

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JavaScript in London with Nutmeg

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2 Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham St, London SE11 5JH


Excited to announce our in-person meetup with's been a while!

We would love to see as many faces as possible at their office space in 🏢 Vox Studios (Vauxhall), but if you are unable to make it or prefer to attend the event via Zoom then this is also an option.

We have a great panel of experienced engineers from Nutmeg speaking: Daniel Jenkins, Callum Northcott Hart & Shaun Stone.

Agenda for the evening:

  • 6pm – settle/ people arriving, drinks provided

  • 6:10pm – OB (introduction)

  • 6:15pm – Shaun Stone (Front-end engineering)

  • 6:30pm – Daniel Jenkins (Building a flexible onboarding)

  • 6:45pm – Callum Northcott Hart (Front-End Resilience)

  • 7pm – OB (closing).

Look forward to seeing you there.


Shaun Stone

Shaun is Senior Technical Lead at Nutmeg and co-lead of the Frontend Chapter across Nutmeg and Chase UK.

Front-End Engineering

Shaun will walk through how the engineering teams are structured at Nutmeg, how each of the Frontend teams are made up, and the development process, as well as the various guilds/forums we provide for engineers to further their learning and development.

Daniel Jenkins

Daniel is a Technical Lead at Nutmeg, focused on building the web acquisition experience.

Building a Flexible Onboarding

Daniel will explore how Nutmeg has migrated from a single-platform monolithic onboarding to a cross-platform, configurable, and testable journey.

Callum Northcott Hart

Callum is a Front-end Principal Engineer working in the Engineering Efficiency team at Nutmeg.

Front-End Resilience

This talk will explore how graceful degradation, defensive coding, observability, and a healthy attitude towards failures better equips us before, during, and after an error occurs.

We always expect high demand for our events, so if interested, please signup ASAP via the Meetup page. For all other queries please email

Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 13th October at 18:00.

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