JavaScript in London (remote)

Event sourcing in NodeJS at small scale

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JavaScript in London (remote)

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Remote via Zoom

Event sourcing in NodeJS at small scale

At Tempo we made the decision fairly early on in development to take an event sourcing approach to developing our application. Although event sourcing is quite a hot topic in the industry at the moment, it's often associated with enterprise-scale solutions. This presentation is about the ways in which we think event sourcing can be used as a pattern on even the smallest of web applications, and how it has helped us to grow and innovate.


Will Britton, CTO @ Tempo

Will has been building software professionally in one way or another for over 20 years, and in various founding CTO roles for the past 6 of those. He is passionate about engineering and software craftsmanship, and especially loves finding patterns which help software developers produce good quality product in an increasingly hectic and fast-paced market. Tempo, which Will has worked with since founding, is an end-to-end direct hiring platform aiming to bring a sense of excitement and adventure to recruiting employees and finding jobs.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 4th June at 18:00.

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