JavaScript in London

Frontend Architecture & Testing at Nutmeg

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JavaScript in London

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Remote via Zoom

JavaScript in London

  1. Introduction

  2. Ruby to React

  3. Design System - Nutkit (Design tokens, Storybook)

  4. Web Libraries (Business components)

  5. Applications (SPA)

  6. Unit Testing - Jest + Enzyme

  7. Integration Testing - Web Libraries

  8. End to end - Cypress

  9. Visual Regression - Loki

  10. Q&A


Shaun Michael Stone

As Frontend Platform Lead, Shaun is responsible for the architecture of the Frontend. He's helped lead the launch of Nutkit, a bespoke design system that powers the visuals of all the web applications at Nutmeg. Shaun is an advocate of automation, testing, UI consistency and quality control. With a passion for writing, he's written trending articles such as, 'These are the reasons Software Engineers don't leave their jobs' and is the author of the popular book 'Automating with Node.js', and most recently 'Software Engineers do what now?'

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 7th May at 18:00.

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