Growing your impact with emotional intelligence

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Growing your impact with emotional intelligence

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Sarah Vang Nohr

Sarah started her career in tech studying Computer Science and working as a developer at multiple companies in Denmark. In 2018, she switched to management at a small scaleup, where she took on the primary people management of the engineering department. During this time, she learned the importance of (and how to) build trust, transparency, and empathy, which she used to hone her emotionally intelligent leadership style.

She has made it her mission to spread excellent engineering management practices across the world and improve the work environment in Tech, especially for women and other minorities.

'Growing your impact with emotional intelligence'

This talk will introduce you to the power of emotional intelligence and how you can use it to grow your career and shape your workplace. Incorporating emotional intelligence in your work can improve not just yourself but the people around you, especially as a leader. You will get an overview of different leadership styles, how they impact the work you do, and why emotional intelligence is crucial to creating great teams.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 24th June at 17:30.

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