Golang In London

Credentialing on Blockchain

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Golang In London

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Golang in London

Verifying a candidate’s credentials can be the key to the success of a project or a team, with the overwhelming information circulating online and the low entry barriers of professional platforms, verification of the truth is a challenge. TiiQu envisage a world where verification is not necessary because credentials are pre-verified at the source and made immutable on blockchain.

To do so, TiiQu developed CERTiiF – a licensed system that allows creation and publishing of anonymized credentials to the blockchain in just five clicks and VERiiF – the open source technology allowing to instantly verify veracity, integrity and validity of such credentials.


Laura Degiovanni

Credentialing on Blockchain: Trust By a Click

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Tuesday 28th April at 12:30.

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