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Coding the future of clean energy

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CodeHers in London

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Emma-Ashley Liles and Ioanna Armouti

'Coding the future of clean energy'

Join Emma-Ashley Liles and Ioanna Armouti as they talk about how they are building the intelligent zero-carbon energy system of the future at Kaluza, an OVO company.

Kaluza is a software platform enabling end customers to not only reduce their energy bills but their carbon emissions too. It automates the charging of thousands of smart devices in people’s homes - including electric vehicles, heating systems and storage batteries - so that they use energy when it is cheapest and greenest.

Ioanna and Emma-Ashley will discuss the challenge of decarbonising the energy system as a key part of tackling the climate crisis - the biggest threat that faces humanity, and how Kaluza’s technology is helping bring benefits to customers, and the energy system at large, to enable a cleaner and affordable future.

Ioanna and Emma-Ashley will also discuss how a huge diversity of people will be needed in this complex mission that affects so many, and are excited to share their work with the Codehers community for this reason.

Emma-Ashley Liles Emma-Ashley is a senior software engineer at Kaluza in the Markets and Intelligence team, working on the back end for the smart charging and heating devices. She has also worked at 7digital and Skyscanner. She is a Stemettes ambassador and former Computing at Schools committee member. In her free time, Emma-Ashley enjoys knitting and making her own jam. She also made the website and is a keen juggler.

Ioanna Armouti Ioanna is a Data Scientist in the Assets team at Kaluza, working on the smart charging pipeline of devices using signals around CO2 levels. She studied electrical engineering and discovered early on her passion for contributing towards an intelligent, zero-carbon energy system. Before Kaluza, Ioanna worked at an energy storage company where she gained extensive experience in battery technology and optimum use of Domestic Energy Storage Systems. She likes combining data science and engineering. She enjoys cooking and motorbike rides.

Date: Wednesday 27th January 2021 at 5.30pm via Zoom

Attendees: Open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Trans and non-binary inclusive and want to create a comfortable space for people with a common interest in Software Development to learn and share ideas.

We always expect high demand for our events, so if interested, please signup ASAP via the Meetup page. For all other queries please email

Look forward to seeing some of you there on Wednesday 27th January at 17:30.

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