Agile London with Skyscanner

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Agile London with Skyscanner

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Ilona Rose House, Manette St, London, W1D 4AL


Showing off their shiny new offices, Skyscanner hosted Agile London on Wednesday 24th May.

We had 4 speakers, doing 3 talks across the evening followed by pizza and beer!


Katie Andrews & Antonella Pintus (both Skyscanner)

"Switching Disciplines"

Join them as they share their personal journeys of transitioning between disciplines at Skyscanner. In this talk, they will provide insights and lessons learned from two unique perspectives: one from a Systems Engineer who made the switch to becoming an Agile Coach, and the other from an Agile Coach who transitioned to a Senior Engineering Manager role.

Nancy Evbuomwan (Senior Agile Coach at Dojo)

"From Lobbying to Collaborating as a leadership team"

So, you are in the growth stage of your product/business venture. The path to the future is cloudy and confusing. While the path is uncertain, one thing is certain, leaders need to stop lobbying as a politicians and start collaborating as a team. In this talk; Nancy will share snapshots including the challenges and wins when trying to implement this change in a scale up environment.

Chris Stone (The Virtual Agile Coach)

"50 Shades of Retrospective"

Tired of the same old retrospective format? Struggling to turn insights into actions? Having difficulties creating a safe, inclusive environment where people participate equally? Join Chris for an interactive exploration of his top tips, strategies, and hacks for continuous improvement. In this unique and engaging slideless session, you'll participate in a "choose your own adventure" experience that will allow you to influence where we focus our time. No standard one way presentation here; this is your talk, focused on your challenges. We could run this session 50 times together, and each would be different. You'll leave this session with practical tools and strategies that you can immediately implement with your teams to drive continuous improvement.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Wednesday 24th May at 17:30.

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