Agile London @ Trainline

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Agile London @ Trainline

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120 Holborn, London, EC1N 2TD

The Hosts

Trainline are a one-stop shop for train travel. Every day, they bring together routes, fares and journey times from train companies in 24 countries so their customers can easily buy train tickets and save time, hassle or money. Everyone at Trainline does exactly what they do best. And even though they work in different teams, they make sure to perform as one company. With offices in London, Paris and Edinburgh, the aim is to work together in the most productive and efficient way.

As a customer-centric company, they're constantly reviewing their technology stack and technical practices to enable better customer experiences. It means they're technology driven, making engineering central to everything that they do. And, like the products created, they're smarter about the way they setup to deliver great tech too. Operating in cross-functional teams that they call clusters, so there’s no chasm that divides technology and the business at trainline – they are one team with very little hierarchy. It makes them decisive, lean and innovative and ensures opinions are equal and ideas flow freely.

We are also lucky to have an expert guest speaker - Kelly Waters, who is the founder and CEO of 101 Ways, a product-focused technology consultancy. With over 30 years experience in the software industry, Kelly has a deep understanding of the tech space and what it takes to bring about successful product development and delivery. In 2010, Kelly was recognised for his work by the agile community when he won an award for being the ‘Most Valuable Agile Player in the UK’. In 2016, he also won an award for ‘most popular online contributor’ in the agile community. Kelly continues to help shape the ‘agile’ debate both in the UK and abroad through a combination of regular industry speaking engagements and social media as well as via his well-established blog. Meanwhile, 101 Ways is going from strength to strength, quickly becoming one of the most sought-after technology consultancies in London.

Again, this is the last meetup of the year and it would be great to see a really strong turnout.


Haran Rasalingam, Enterprise Agile Coach at Trainline

Soft Skills are Hard!

Solving technical problems is a given, designing smooth processes feels great, but these are trivial by comparison with the complexities of working with the psychology of several hundred individuals in order to bring them all together working towards a common goal! In this talk, Haran will talk about some of the strategies he has employed to effect cultural change at Trainline.

Ian Randolph, Product Owner at Trainline

Evolutionary Management

What does the next stage of organisational evolution look like? To understand where we’re heading, Ian will tell a story of how organisations and teams have evolved over the past 10,000 years, from early tribes to today’s most progressive companies. Ian will then share the results of 15 months of experimentation with evolutionary management, distinguishing powerful practices you can trial in your teams tomorrow.

Kelly Waters, CEO at 101 Ways

Beyond Agile

Doing Agile is not enough. To stay ahead of the competition you need to go beyond just doing Agile, to being truly agile. In this short talk, Kelly gives his views on what is needed to do this, to enable organisations to not only respond to change but to anticipate it, by optimising the whole product lifecycle, getting the best people and creating the conditions for success.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 30th November at 18:00.

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