CTOs in London @ Hive

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CTOs in London @ Hive

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Waterside, 44-48 Wharf Rd, London N1 7UX


We have an excellent evening in store, starting with Leon Gauhman (Founder, Hive) giving us an introduction to the work they are doing, followed by two interesting technical discussions by Hive’s Head of Product, Sebastian Sabouné, and Kristian Freed, CTO at Elder HQ.


Leon Gauhman, Founder, Hive

Introduction from Leon into the work that Hive are doing and how they help their clients and customers realise their startup ideas and solve huge technical challenges.

Sebastian Sabouné, Head of Product, Hive

From idea to prototype. How can technology and design experiment together

We like to get things done, make them beautiful, then make them better. We treat each project as a start-up would and every client gets their own dedicated agile team. For large organisations, we solve huge technical and customer experience challenges. For entrepreneurs, we take their ideas from the early stages to product/market fit. From concept to delivery we move fast and reduce risk to help our clients turn their ideas into reality.

Kristian Freed, CTO, Elder HQ

What's wrong with CRUD?

Kristian Freed, CTO at Elder Technologies and previously Product Technology Manager at Google, will talk about how they ditched both SQL and NoSQL as the primary data store in favour of Event Sourcing. Kristian will describe the reasons behind the decision and some lessons learned from implementing CQRS/ES across as the primary persistence paradigm across the company.

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Look forward to seeing some of you there on Thursday 2nd March at 18:00.

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